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Over the past 15 years, we have established a proven track record in eliminating odors in landfills, material recovery facilities, compost facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and remediation sites. We take pride in providing high quality odor control products.  O&E Solutions odor neutralizers are manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at our ISO-9000 certified chemical plant. Our equipment, customized for each site or facility, is manufactured in Beaverton, Oregon.

With our team of specialists and technicians we ensure O&E Solutions builds and installs the best piece of equipment for each individual facility. Our customized high pressure misting systems, combined with our high quality odor neutralizers, as well as a team dedicated to work with both site and community results in outstanding solutions. 

As a customer of O&E solutions you will be working with a team of waste industry experts with decades of experience. Our knowledge combined with our holistic approach yields results to meet individualized needs.

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