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With decades of manufacturing experience, we strive at O&E Solutions to fabricate the best piece of equipment for each individual site or facility. 


Portable Misting System

Gas skid mounted misting systems. These portable systems range from100ft-4000ft. No electricity or water is needed for installation.

Compactor Systems

Customized misting systems that attach to any compactor. 

Tipper Systems

Customized misting system that attaches to the tippers on the working face. No water or electricity is needed installation.


Stationary Misting Systems

Basic on/off misting system to fully customized multi zone touch screen systems. These misting systems will need water and electricity available for installation.

Portable Fan Units

Dual or single fan units with up to 2000 gallon water tanks. These portable fan units generate great dispersion and are easy to move around your site or facility. No electricity or water needed for installation.

Vapor System

Waterless odor control system. These systems will need electric available for installation.

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